• Our web-based Energy Trading System (ETS) covers all aspects of the energy trading environment.

    It enables energy retailers, aggregators and utilities to optimally develop long-term plans for purchases and sales, schedule trades in the short term, and manage energy and financial settlements when trades are executed. Supply options include own generation, bilateral contracts and trade within pooled energy markets, e.g. Day-ahead, Intra-day or Longer Term Forward energy markets.

  • ETS Core

    Core modules provide the core functionality to schedule and settle various supply option contracts.
    Application & User Management

    The Application & User Management module provides the framework to integrate all other modules into a complete unit. It also implements a role-based access control mechanism, allowing the system administrator to control the access levels of individual users at a low level by assigning permissions to roles and associating one or more roles with a user. Configuration is done via a front-end and can easily be implemented based on the specific requirements of the system owner.

    Energy Scheduling

    The Energy Scheduling module stores and distributes all energy schedules related to the various contracts. This includes Day-ahead, On-the-day and Reconciled schedules. A full audit trail is available, making it ideally suited to serve as the official data required for Energy Settlements.

    Energy Settlement

    The Energy Settlement module combines metering and schedule data from the Energy Scheduling module and applies the agreed settlement rules to split the measured energy between the various energy contracts, ensuring the total volume of energy is accounted for.

    Financial Settlement

    Contract settlement rules can be as simple as applying a time-of-use tariff, or very involved, applying reliability of supply criteria, penalties for under/over scheduling or under/over delivery, or other customised contract rules. The Financial Settlement module applies the contract rules to the energy settlement results to produce bills or verification (shadow) bills.

    ETS Supplementary

    Supplementary modules deliver advanced planning and reporting capabilities.
    Annual Planning

    The Annual Planning module firstly provides an hourly demand forecast and then optimises all available supply options to meet the forecasted hourly demand. It has the potential to achieve considerable savings. Key inputs to produce an optimised supply plan and budget are historic demand profiles, own generation supply options, available bilateral contract options, the applicable TOU definition, and cost of energy shortfall.

    Operational Planning

    The Operational Planning module takes all supply options and their specific constraints into consideration, and finds the most cost-effective solution to meet the forecasted demand. Outputs are hourly schedules as required from the various supply options.

    Meter Data Integration

    The Meter Data Integration module maintains a subset of the utility’s metering data, as required by the trading system. This is done according to the specific business requirements related to the day-to-day operations, as well as periodic energy and financial settlement activities.

    Operational Reporting

    The Operational Reporting module automates the extraction of data from the core system modules (Energy Scheduling, Energy Settlement and Financial Settlement) into a Microsoft® Excel template. An intuitive and flexible way of defining the frequency, period and interval of reports, ensures reports are always ready when expected. Example reports are Daily and Monthly Reports; Daily, Month-to-date Reports; and Monthly, Financial Year-to-Date Reports.

    Management Reporting

    The Management Reporting module timeously delivers key operational and management data to the desktops of decision makers. These reports are produced in an easy-to-understand dashboard, and provide powerful decision support capability.

    Renewable Energy Forecasting

    In many parts of the world, both utility-scale and small-scale customer-installed renewable energy sources are becoming a sizeable proportion of the total energy mix. This poses an enormous challenge for energy traders and grid operators who have to ensure enough generation to meet customers’ demand every minute of every day.

    We’ve developed an add-on Renewable Energy Forecasting module to complement the ETS offering. The module generates and delivers your total renewable energy resources hourly MWh generation forecast, in a format of your choice, on a 15-minute, hourly, day-ahead and week-ahead basis. Interactive graphs cover live forecasts and historical performance, and monthly reports provide performance metrics and analytics. This data is integrated into your ETS solution, allowing you to make quick decisions and exploit trading opportunities on the fly.